27. January 2019
Some of you might remember our naoLoop Loft... a stealth organizing device that binds, carries and displays your important, everyday stuff.
20. January 2019
naoLoop works very well with the Fisher Space Pen. It's form is minimal and compact using high quality materials.
19. January 2019
Our yellow truck was always around and took us from one location to another.
13. January 2019
A few years ago, on a hot summer Sunday in May, we did the photo shooting for all our naoLoop people pictures with David Jumpa. The ones for naoLoop Ultra were taken at the campus of Shanghai University of Technology in the heart of the former French Concession. There is more to come...
13. January 2019
naoLoop is created with utmost care and attention. Its high-quality, robust materials are designed to last a lifetime. Both skilled craftsmanship and precise machining define our production process. Each naoLoop is unique with slight variances. naoLoop’s extremely flexible Polyester Latex Band can stretch more than 50%.
12. January 2019
One of our limited edition products... the naoLoop Deluxe with special laser etching on the metal trim.
12. January 2019
After a some trial and error with JIMDO, we are happy to present the new naoLoop Shop to you. If you have any questions, please get in touch via shop@naoloop.com