Received my naoLoop today. Works great! It firmly holds all my cards and the space pen tucks in perfectly. I also really like the packaging. I can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow. Get ready to ship a few more to California! Take care.

- Michael from Burbank, United States


I just wanted to let you know that I'm a big fan of naoLoop. I use it as my 'wallet' every day. The elastic material is just stretchy enough, and quite durable. My current Loop has lasted several years and the elastic loop looks like new. I just ordered a naoLoop pen.

- Austin from Cambridge, United States


I use my naoLoop over a year and am very satisfied. I am a bit surprised that the strips have endured so much stress.

- Fabio, Carbonara, Italy


I love my naoLoop. I actually stumbled across naoLoop when I was doing some research for a school project. I studied graphic design and I was looking for some examples of great packaging for my Package Design class and I found images of the naoLoop shipping package with layers of cardboard online. I happened to be in need of a card holder at the time - I was tired of carrying my full wallet around with me in my backpack and the naoLoop was perfect for holding my school ID, a card or two and some cash. It was perfect to just put in my back pocket so I could easily access it to scan myself in to the school buildings. I had a card holder before a couple years ago, but the naoLoop was much better - strong quality elastic, and my cards didn't fly out everywhere when I dropped it (I'm pretty clumsy so I've dropped it quite a bit). I've gotten a lot of compliments on it - it's exactly the sort of product nerdy designers love.

- Katherine from Philadelphia, United States


Wow, talk about great timing. My naoLoop Pen arrived this afternoon! It's fantastic. I loved the idea of carrying a pen with me, as they always come in useful, and this wallet seems to be designed perfectly for my Fisher Space Pen. I have attached a photo just to say thanks for great customer service.

- William from Woodstock, United States