You can cancel the declaration of contract within 2 weeks, in form of a text (letter, fax, email) without a specification of reasons, or- in case the subject is handed to you before a deadline- by return of the product. The deadline starts after the receipt of this instruction in written form, but not before the receipt of the goods by the recipient (in case of a returning delivery of similar goods before the entry of the first part delivery and not before the completion of the information-duty according to §1, passage 1,2 and 4 BGB-InfoV. For ensuring the right of cancellation, it is sufficient to post the cancellation or the product in time.

The countermand is to be addressed to: Zipfel GmbH, Carolin Zipfel-Kempf, Bergstrasse 17a, 96369 Weissenbrunn, Fax: +49 9261 950010,

Consequences of the Countermand

In case of an effective countermand, the goods and /or services already received, as well as the benefits achieved (like interest), are to be reimbursed. Shouldn’t you be able to reimburse the goods and / or services received completely, or partly ,or in a worsened state, then you will have to provide a compensation for the value as far as possible. In case of the surrender of goods, this does not apply, when the aggravation of the product is due to its examination exclusively- as it would be possible in a store as well.

For the rest, you can avoid the duty of compensation for the value of a product, which, while conventionally used, became of minor quality, in so far that you do not treat the product as your own, and omit anything that might affect its value.

Products which can be sent via parcel service are to be returned to us at our risk and expense. In case of a return resulting from a delivery of goods, whose value of order adds up to a total of 40 EUR, the customer will have to pay the expenses of the return, if the product delivered corresponds to the order. Products which cannot be sent via parcel-service, will be collected at your place. Commitments for the reimbursement have to be fulfilled within 30 days. The deadline starts for you with the posting of the declaration of the countermand or the product, and for us with the receipt of it.