What is a “naoLoop”?

naoLoop is the best and most minimal wallet available.

Who can use naoLoop?

naoLoop, can be used by everyone who...

  • ... does not like wallets
  • ... carries cards and money loose in the pocket
  • ... takes sometimes less and sometimes more cards
  • ... likes to be minimal
  • ... is innovative
  • ... just wants to carry essentials
  • ... likes to travel light
  • ... prefers to stay organized
  • ... wants to be flexible
  • ... is cool
  • ... would like to touch future
  • ... wants protection for cards
  • ... has time to think about it

How many cards can I put in?

naoLoop can hold up to 15 cards.

Which materials are used?

The stretch band is made of Polyester Latex Band and the metal trim is made of aluminum which is anodized & laser etched.

Why have I never heard of naoLoop before?

Even naoLoop was developed more than 5 years ago, we are still a small company, focusing mainly on internet sales and B2B. With the new shop, it’s improved shopping experience and future activities, you will hear more.

Can I have a naoLoop in a different configuration?

We always try to fulfill the needs of our customers, so please drop us a line with your wish and we see what we can do. If you need a larger amount of personalized naoLoop’s contact shop@naoLoop.com

Which shipping fees do apply?

€1,45 - Postal Service Germany 1-3 days
€3,00 - Postal Service Europe 3-6 days
€6,00 - Postal Service World 7-14 days
€3,00 - Express Service China, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2-4 days